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Talk About A One Night Stand

” You pick her up in a bar late at night, take her to a motel, and have the best sex of your life only to wake up in the morning and have her gone. You didn’t even get her name or phone number. Then for weeks afterwards you mop around about the love of your life that got away. You always thought that you were a “player” and that true love was a just a hoax. You search that same bar every night for a month afterwards hoping to find her again. Well my story isn’t too much different from those. I had just gotten a promotion at work and was celebrating by myself. I didn’t have any friends because I worked all of the time. People at work didn’t like me because I worked all of the time and showed them up. However, when it came time to promote from within I was chosen because…you gusted it…I worked all of the time. It was not even in my department or building but it was a great promotion. So to celebrate I took myself out to dinner at Red Lobster. I ordered my favorite meal. I had a shrimp cocktail, tossed salad, a medium rare steak, and two lobster tails finished off with a cherry cheesecake. Of course a bottle of wine washed it all down. On the way home I was pushed off at the wrong exit by an eighteen-wheeler and found myself in unknown territory. I came across a nice looking bar and decided to stop in for a drink. The place was quite something. The drinks were expensive but that kept out the rift raft. Mainly there were businessmen sitting in groups but there was one very attractive lady sitting in a corner booth by herself. She was very business like with a black blazer, white blouse, and a black skirt to her knees. There was just something about her that sparked my desire. I ordered two of whatever she was having and walked over to her booth. I asked her if I could sit down and then I just smiled. After a through inspection she finally smiled, approved, and let me sit down opposite her. I placed one drink in front of her and sipped mine. She immediately asked me my profession. I replied that I was the new manager of a manufacturing facility along the river. She smiled and let me talk about myself without revealing much about herself, not even her name. She said that if I insisted on knowing her name that she would just make one up, so what was the difference. She was absolutely right. So I said, “Okay then I’ll just call you Rose.” When she asked me why I told her that a rose by any other name would smell the same. She liked that answer and agreed that Rose would do just fine. She was not new to the idea of being picked up in a bar, however I was pretty sure that it was always on her terms. I was obliged to make the first offer and surprisingly she said okay. Then as expected she set the rules. We would leave separately so as not to be seen together any more than we already had, our cars would be left there in the parking lot, and that we would walk to the hotel next door. Once at the check in desk she told the clerk that we were newlyweds and that we wanted their best room. He congratulated us and put the outrageous charge on my card. She giggled like a schoolgirl when I tried to chastise her in the elevator. She just laughed and said that I was the new manager of a manufacturing facility along the river and that I should be able to afford a nice room to fuck her in. She lifted up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her panty-covered pussy. I smiled and we were kissing when we reached the top floor. Our corner room was at the end of the hall. It was very large, had nothing but windows overlooking the city, and a big beautiful balcony. I started to close the blinds when ‘Rose’ said that it would be much sexier if we just left them open. Of course I had to get naked first. Then I watched as Rose undressed. When she removed her black blazer I could see that she had been trying to hide the size of her tits. Then she removed her black skirt and her blouse covered her panties too. As she unbuttoned her white blouse I got a glimpse of her bra and panties for real. They were white, lacy, and that bra looked like a fortress. It was rather large, heavy duty, and had six hooks down the front of it between her tits. As she unhooked each one, more and more of her big breasts spilled out of it. When that last hook let go her bra snapped open like a shot and her really big breasts bounced out. That bra was like a girdle for her tits. I could not believe how much they had been compressed. It was a wonder that Rose could even breathe. When I asked her size she just rolled her eyes and said that they were off the Richter Scale. When I asked her why she kept them hidden, she said that no one ever looked at her face when they talked to her until she put them away. I could certainly see why. Her breasts were humongous with nice areolas and huge nipples. Her nipples were fat and long but actually looked proportional to the size of her breasts. Then she removed her panties and once again I was amazed. She had nice puffy pussy lips with a protruding clit like nothing I had ever seen before. When she let her hair down so to speak it flowed halfway down her back in nice waves. She was a beautiful brunet with a small patch of fur over her clit in the shape of a diamond, a girl’s best friend. In her belly button was a small red rose hanging in the tiny cave. As she turned around she was flawless. Rose told me that she had considered getting a breast reduction but then again she loves the way that guys like me drool over her when she finally shows them to him. I was pretty sure that I was drooling too. My full erection was proof enough that I found her exciting. She wanted our first time to be out on the balcony doggy style with her tits hanging over the railing flopping in the breeze. I asked her if it was dangerous with the weight of her tits trying to pull her over. She said that was what I was supposed to prevent as I fucked her. Besides if I let her fall over the edge then I wouldn’t be able to fuck her any more. More! Okay! So out on the balcony we went. She stepped to the edge, held them up with both hands, and lowered them over the railing. I got behind her and knelt down to lick her pussy. She told me that it wasn’t necessary but that she did appreciate it. She was more than wet enough but she tasted so good. It was slightly tangy but she had been in her clothes all day long doing whatever she had done at work. I bet that she would have tasted even better first thing that morning. After I gave her a customary orgasm I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. I held onto the railing and slammed my hips into her ass. What a nice ass it was too. I could feel the tension of the day wash away. The stiff drink that I had in the bar, helped dull the nerve endings. As I thrust harder into her she screamed out to the street eight floors below what a very religious experience that she was having. Oh God! Oh God! Yes, she came twice before I did. I was pretty sure that the exhibitionism was more to her liking than my cock but what to fuck at least I had it in that incredible woman. Had it in her, was quite an expression. Rose made sure that I had it in her all right, deep, hard, and often. That night we hardly got any sleep but we certainly had some form of sex constantly. Every time I got hard she wanted it in her somewhere. I fucked her pussy, her mouth, her asshole, and her enormous tits. She even insisted on jerking me off with both of her hands too. When we checked out at noon I had cum six times and she had orgasmed a whole lot more often than that. She told me to go to my car and take off before her so that again we wouldn’t be seen together. Why? Was she married? No matter what, I left her in the lobby without even knowing her name and with no way to contact her. Was I crazy? Maybe, but I owed her that much for giving of herself so freely and so often. I could easily fall in love with her. I spent the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday getting ready for my first day as manager of my new department. I bought a new suite, shirts, and even underwear. I was to be at the Executive Suites Conference Room in the main building at nine o’clock Monday morning. I was about fifteen minutes early as I had intended to be. I checked in with the receptionist and was told to wait in a small conference room until she came to get me. I was almost as nervous then as I had been during the interviews. The company was a little strange in that I was not interviewed by anyone above my position. In fact I was actually hired for the Manager’s job by other Managers themselves. It was the unknown that was starting to scare me. Eventually the receptionist came to get me and escorted me to the Executive Suites Conference Room. As I entered through the double doors I was awe struck by the majestic beauty of the place. The walls were made of mahogany and had ornate carvings along the top. There were several pictures of the original owners and the original buildings. There were at least twenty people at the huge conference table and I was to sit at the end closest to me where the empty chair was. Clockwise from my left each person introduced his or her self to me, told me their title, and sort of told me the departments that they were in charge of. At the far end was the CEO and grandson of the original owners. Then next to him was Rose. She had been staying out of sight the whole time behind a very large man. Rose looked at me and said, “Hello! I am Rose McGee. I am the Vice President of Marketing. I hear you are very good. I certainly enjoy having you under me.” Then she smiled that beautiful smile that she had after each orgasm. I remembered at one point in the hotel with her that I was on my back and she was on top of me fucking her own asshole with my cock. Her enormous breasts were swinging up and down hitting my chin on the up stroke. During that session I remember Rose saying, “You are very good. I certainly enjoy having you under me. I never heard a single word that the rest of the Executives said to me. All I could do was stare at Rose. Finally I heard Rose say, “Please follow me to my office and we’ll get started.” I followed her like a trained dog obeying its master. As we entered her office she told her Personal Secretary that she did not want to be disturbed. I was looking forward to having sex with her but Rose made it perfectly clear that was not going to happen. Not right then anyway! Rose said, “In the bar Friday I knew who you were just as soon as you told me your name and about your new promotion. I decided right then that I would let you ravish me. Now here are few simple rules. You never breathe a word of us. You work your ass off for me all week Monday through Saturday and I’ll let you ravage me every Saturday evening and Sunday from now on. Is that clear?” I replied, “Yes, Rose. Perfectly clear! How soon can I get started?” The End Talk About A One Night Stand 303